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Chloe Alice Pepper, Live on the isle of man, im a daydreamer, artistic normal girl.

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We only obsess over relationships that feel unfinished.


Carrie Bradshaw  

I don’t think that we’re done

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Back to my rock this weekend. Can’t wait to see ,my baby :)

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I just graduated first year of university, this is scary but great im actually achieving what i want. I realised no guy matters enough for me to take me eye off the prize and who cares im still young theres plenty of time and im just so fucking happy i passed with 100% in almost everything im super proud of myself, to rhink that a year ago i didnt think id even get in and here i am i passed

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I have two job interviews today, yay. I might actually stop worrying about money if i get one of them.

im back on a major diet, i was talking to someone today who said dont do it to prove others do it for you, and that is esactly what im doing, if i turn some heads on the way thats just a bonus. this last year has changed me, in some ways not for the best but in alot of ways yes for the best. ive done stuff im not proud off, and some things that have made me a much better person. i know ive changed coz instead of listening to girly ass music i have dance music on, dont get me wrong im still a massive taylor swift, norah jones and paulo nutini fan but this music has good memories. this summer im gonna get to 100lbs im currently 130lbs i know itll take hard work and im not doing the best so far but i will achieve it. im gonna save to the max noi more debt and borrowing for me. im gonna dress to impress and prob re dye my hair im nt really suiting the blonde do.

anyway im gonna drink my coffee and listen to music and maybe research stuff for ks1

god in a nerd

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The hard decision between wanting to eat and wanting to be skinny

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On my average journey to lectures id generally see someone doing the walk of shame, endless sports students and the odd person i know. On my average journey to work i see a cow sitting on a hedge, a chicken crossing the road and not a single car going past me. Its weird to be back on the island

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